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Topic: Healthy Aging

8 Key Eating Habits to Support Better Heart Health

By American Specialty Health on February 20, 2023

Nearly half of American adults have at least one risk factor related to heart health, so it's important to take steps like following a healthy diet.

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Nitric Oxide Is a Tiny Molecule With Huge Health Benefits

By American Specialty Health on January 9, 2023

Nitric oxide plays a critical role in many vital functions in the body. But with age, the body makes less of it. Here are several ways to keep your...

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F.A.S.T. Thinking Can Help You Spot a Stroke

By American Specialty Health on November 4, 2022

Learning the symptoms of stroke can help minimize the damage it can cause. Remember the acronym “F.A.S.T.” and you might help save a life.

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Navigating Medicare Enrollment

By American Specialty Health on September 27, 2022

Medicare enrollment can be a confusing labyrinth, especially when enrolling the first time. Here are resources to help you walk through it.

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Does an Aspirin a Day Keep Heart Disease Away?

By American Specialty Health on September 2, 2022

You may have seen headlines recently about low-dose aspirin use. Read on to learn if an aspirin a day is still a good way to prevent heart disease.

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How to Protect Yourself From Shingles

By American Specialty Health on August 8, 2022

Learn about shingles and how you can protect yourself from this viral infection with the shingles vaccine.

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5 Steps You Can Take to Boost Bone Density

By American Specialty Health on July 1, 2022

Bone density is a measure of how strong your bones are. And though bones tend to weaken over time, you can keep, and even boost, your bone density,...

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What’s a Telomere and What’s It Got to Do With Aging?

By American Specialty Health on May 26, 2022

Science hasn’t found the fountain of youth, but it has shed light on how you might slow the aging process: by taking good care of your telomeres—the...

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11 Ways to Play a Supporting Role as a Caregiver

By American Specialty Health on April 4, 2022

When someone you love moves into a nursing home, it can be hard to figure out your role. You may want to help care for them but wonder how to do so....

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Mental Health Tips to Lift You Up When the World Gets You Down

By American Specialty Health on March 14, 2022

If the weight of the world has you feeling down, stressed, or anxious—take comfort. You can take steps to get your mental health back on track and...

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